Do not hesitate to contact us for site visit and quotation. Our experience would fix your freezer, chiller or refrigerator back to it’s performance just as good as it was produced by the factory. To ease our customer from hassle, WhatsApp or Call are always available anytime.

Refrigerator Repair

We actually do what we are best at. Commercial refrigerator repair or chiller repair for your business needs in Malaysia.

Since our operation began 25 years ago as an aircond service company we have grown our business into refrigeration industry. AS Crew Enterprise is now involved in variety of commercial refrigerator repair & maintenance service. Service example such as chiller repair, freezer repair, commercial refrigerator repair for restaurant, convenient shop, grocery store and many more F&B store. With the above mentioned service, spare parts supplies & replacement are also available for the ease of providing one stop solution to our client.

Other than that, we provide dismantling, installation, transportation of commercial refrigerator and shop equipment service which cover Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.


To provide speedy respond & effective solution to our client in order to keep them aways from operational disruption

Type of Chiller

For your information, chiller repair is one of our major focuses as there are more than 167k establishment of F&B related business in Malaysia in which the repair & maintenance supplier is very less. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to provide speedy respond and solution to our client by making sure their business is running smooth. There are different type of chiller which are functioning the same and very common to be seen such as cake chiller, drinks chiller, fruit chiller, and etc. All these chiller is known as display chiller.

Basically if you want to know if our refrigerator repair technician is nearby to your area, you may always contact us for immediate response. We would always attend to call or WhatsApp to solve your problem.


Difference between Chiller, Freezer & Refrigerator

The main difference of 3 of the them is the item condition that you want them to be. Chiller is mainly to chill up your item so that I can be serve to customer anytime such as drinks, cake, and others, whereas freezer is for the purpose of keeping your food to be used perhaps later or even longer. Usually freezer is used to hold food or item below negative 18 degree celcius. Lastly, refrigerator serves as the purpose of both chiller and freezer in which there will be compartment for you to store your food under different temperature, and this is usually for multipurpose usage like what your have at your house.

To summarise, three of them serve different purposes and it is very much depends on your needs. For example, a restaurant would prefer chiller and freezer as chiller could display your food to the customers and ready to serve at anytime, whereas freezer can help them keep all the frozen food such as chicken, seafood and etc so that they can use for the next cook. No worries if you need chiller, refrigerator or freezer repair as our skilfull technician can fix it for you.