Aircond Service Price In KL Malaysia

Air conditioner service price will always come into our mind before a service request is being made, but how to be smart in choosing the right service provider at a reasonable price? First of all, we will let you know how the service provider set the price base on the aircond service price in KL.

For your information, each of the company would charge different price according to different factors such as the type of cleaning, air conditioner type, horsepower, number of units, location and most importantly, the difficulty of cleaning process which caused by the venue itself. According to the aircond service price KL 2018, general cleaning price range from RM60 to RM120 whereas chemical cleaning price range from RM 100 to RM 250

1. Cleaning type – consists of either general or chemical cleaning. General cleaning merely uses water and some soap to clean up your indoor unit whereas chemical cleaning can remove all the stain, mold, and contamination. (Price of chemical cleaning is higher)

2. Air conditioner type – There are 3 types of the air conditioner which is wall mounted (the most common one you can see in residential), ceiling cassette (commonly used by the restaurant, offices & others), and ducted unit (hotel room which the air conditioner hide in the wall). Among 3 of the types, the ducted unit is the one which required more time and skill to clean as it’s a structural issue.

3. Horsepower – this is one of the factors that the service provider would charge differently. The higher the horsepower, the higher the service price.

4. Number of units – this is all about opportunity cost and travelling cost. The more unit you request for aircond cleaning service, the lower their opportunity cost and travelling cost. Time is one of the cruelest competitors for air conditioner service provider, as travel from one location to your service location, the service provider is losing the opportunity to attend another service request. Sometimes, a service provider would spend more than 3 hours driving if there are many service requests from different location. If you have more aircond unit to be serviced, you may always ask for a discount as they can lower down the opportunity cost and travelling time.

5. Service location – some service provider would charge extra if the location is too far for them (aircondservicecrew do not do that, we cover Klang Valley without additional fee).

6. The difficulty of cleaning process – if said your outdoor compressor is stationed at a place that would increase our difficulty to clean or increase our cleaning time, a service provider might impose extra charges.

In addition, the aircond service provider would usually include 1 – 3 months workmanship warranty to ensure your air conditioner is in tiptop condition. You should ask or request if there is any warranty given. Aircond Service Crew hopes the information could help you to make a smarter decision. For our service pricing, you may always WhatsApp us or Call us for immediate quotation, or other question.