Aircond Service KL (Kuala Lumpur)

AS Crew Enterprise is known as Aircond Service Crew and we provide aircond service in KL area. This includes services such as check & diagnosis, cleaning & repair. Other than technical services, we supply new & second hand air-conditioner as well as spare parts for our technician and customer. Besides that, we also supply products and services with warranty so that our customer got higher confidence with us. However, the warranty claim we received is less than 5% (up to 2020).


Aircond Service for household in KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Malaysia is located near to the equator which the climate is under hot & humid condition throughout the year. This is why air-conditioner is too important for Malaysian to get a comfortable atmosphere on their daily routine or activity. If it is so important to us, getting an experienced technician to take care of your air-conditioner is very crucial. We have been dedicating ourselves for more than 20 years into air-conditioning industry which mainly cover KL (Kuala Lumpur) & Selangor. We emphasize on our work quality, and this is why our customers are mostly by WOM (word of mouth) recommendation. Therefore, you may find us for aircond service in KL.

Type of Aircond Service We Offer In KL

aircond service kl area

Why Regular Maintenance is Important?

  • Lower down expenses – Electricity bill could be a headache to us since we got limited subsidies from the government. Our electrical appliances such as air-conditioner, water heater and refrigerator dominates high percentage in electricity bill. An aircond that lack of regular maintenance could cost you even more as it required more electricity to maintain or boost its performance.
  • Save more time – You may use your aircond in a peace of mind anytime if it is in a brand new or good condition. At here I mean especially during the time you are preparing for a wonderful sleep to boost your energy for the next day. However, aircond that lack of regular maintenance could get you into hazard when it breakdown. It somehow might take up to a week or 10 days to get the right parts to repair and resume it’s functionality. Therefore, getting a professional technician to conduct regular service & maintenance is how you can save more time and cost. Remember don’t let your aircond be a burden to you when it comes to your need. Find us when you need aircond service KL.

Aircond Breakdown Prevention

Air-conditioner breakdown can be prevented if regular aircond service is done. We do provide aircond service KL and Selangor area.

If the weather is so hot in KL (Kuala Lumpur), how would you feel when the aircond is not working at all? If it is working but less cooling or not even cooling up your house? Here we are putting up some potential aircond issues and tips to avoid them from happening. In a hope our service can solve whatever issue you are facing now.


If your air-conditioner is not working, there might be several factor caused it and most of them are very common to us. It could be the gas out leak, electrical wires short circuit, capacitor, transformer or thermostat breakdown, water dripping from indoor unit and others. At this point of time, you can contact aircond service crew to give your aircond a simple diagnosis through the phone or site visit. If it is urgent, just schedule a booking with us for same day visit to solve your problem and make it work again.

If your aircond is working (as the fan blower and compressor motor is spinning as usual). But it is just not cold or less cooling, it might be either the cooling condenser or the evaporator coil are too dirty, causing a blockage to your cool air to generates. Lastly, It might be the issue of refrigerant insufficient in your gas tank as well.

For aircond service kl and selangor, we can attend your service within 24 hours.

The right refrigerant type which match with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specification can make your air-conditioner even colder. This is why getting a professional service provider to check and service your aircond is so important, since it could be very tough for everyone to understand its specification. As the technician trained by aircond service crew will examine your gas type, pipes condition and follow the right procedures to your aircond.

Sensor Issue

– The thermostat sensor is installed at somewhere nearby the evaporator coils. This sensor detects the temperature of your room to see if it fits to the temperature as per set on your remote control, then decide whether to turn on the compressor. What happen to your aircond if the sensor is not working?

Electric Current Failure

– One of our SOP (Standard Of Procedure) is to check your aircond electrical wiring. This is to see if the right current is transmitting to your aircond. We must follow this procedure every time during your regular service to ensure the sufficient power supplies to your air-conditioner.

Drainage Pipe Blockage

– Whenever your drainage pipe is stuck due to dirt, mold and other substances, your indoor unit will drip with water. Sometimes the water could be less, or it can be a disaster to you. Therefore, chemical cleaning is crucial to ensure the drainage pipe is all clear for drainage function. Don’t let the dripping water spoil your expensive furniture.


KL Air Conditioner Service – Blower, compressor breakdown or gas leaking

There are possibility where your indoor blower is working fine, but outdoor compressor is not working, or vice versa. Besides, there are possibility that you may find the refrigerator piping (as known as copper pipe) is icing. Icing over your copper pipe is mainly due to gas out leak which need immediate repair. To avoid all these, we recommend regular aircond maintenance.

Aircond Service Crew will make sure all the components in your air-conditioner working fine from time to time. Whichever parts that breakdown and require repair and replacement, we will notify you before proceed. Other than that, it can help you save more time and money yet enjoy your comfortable atmosphere anytime even it is so hot in KL.

Good Air Quality Fix Allergy

A lot of us are suffering from allergy or what we so called sensitivity, which the symptoms are like sneezing, coughing, tiredness, dizziness, watery eyes, shortness of breath and etc. But none of us realize it could be the air quality cause the allergy to us. Our air quality getting worse day by day since the industrial revolution, and this is what we call air pollution. Harmful concentrations that contains in the mixture of gases and particles are spreading around us no matter we are in indoor or outdoor. All these pollutants that we commonly found are mold, smoke, soot, carbon dioxide, methane and others, are one of the major reasons for our allergies.

As the report stated by the famous colleges, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been proved to be the cause of the above-mentioned symptoms. However, air-conditioning system can improve indoor air quality which lower down the allergy because of the following:

  1. Maintains the indoor humidity level
  2. Improve and provide better or adequate ventilation
  3. Improve air circulation by cleaning and removing pollutants and allergens.
  4. Maintains or control the temperature.

A well maintained air-conditioner is beneficial to people that suffer from allergies and asthma when dust and pollen are filtered and cleaned out. However, these benefits can be trumped by infections and breathing problems if the aircond is not well checked and cleaned as follow:

  1. Breathing Problems
  2. Headache, Fatigue or Feeling Ill
  3. Contaminated
  4. Dry Skin

Making sure your aircond is well cleaned and maintained so that you can avoid all these from happening while keeping yourself healthier.

Mold Allergy – What you need to know about

We are exposed to the risk of multiple allergies especially “Mold Allergy” In our daily life as we are living closely with all these fungi everywhere. The common symptoms of mold allergy are runny nose, sneeze, itchy, dry eyes, dry skin and others. Besides, you might be getting fever and trigger asthma if it is severely damage to you. You may always pay more attention to our government portal for more information.

Ways to control mold from growing

You notice there is mold from growing nearby to your air-conditioner, smell differently from usual, or there is lots of little flying bugs in the air nearby to your air cond, you probably need professional aircond service provider to help you on. Nevertheless, you can pay more attention to places best for mold and other fungi to grow such as bathroom, washing machine room, kitchen, and other places with wet condition.

  1. improve air flow through your rooms
  2. use exhaust fans if possible
  3. fix any leak
  4. remove sources of dampness
  5. make sure rainwater drains away from your house
  6. use air-conditioning system or a dehumidifier
  • Install exhaust fan or open up the window to improve air circulation while reducing humidity from happening during bath time.
  • Get away the carpet from place that could get it wet.
  • Use soda powder to scour tubs and sinks by monthly, try your best to dry out the water as tiles, soap and others are the best place for fungi to thrive on.
  • Fix all the pipes and plumbing leaks.
  • Clean up dustbin regularly
  • Fridge and Freezer drip pans and door gaskets cleaning is necessary
  • Fix plumbing leaks
  • Ensure air circulation sufficiency when you are cooking or washing dishes
Laundry Area
  • Take away clothes from washing machine immediately once laundry has done
  • The rubber seal of a front-loading washing machine has to be clean up and keep its door open when it is not in use.
  • Don’t keep your wet clothes remain sitting, do the laundry
  • Still the same, sufficient air circulation
  • Polyurethane, bubble and rubber foams are the hotbed for fungus to grow. Cover your bedding made by these with plastic and exchange the plastic frequently.
  • Check all the windows if there is any condensation
  • Dumb all the old books, bedding, clothing or newspapers
  • If your wardrobe, closet and other cabinet with doors are colder than the rest in your room, keep their doors open for air circulation.
  • Fix all the plumbing if there is leaks
  • Regular cleaning for dead vegetation and leaves. Make sure the water drainage is smooth without blockage.
  • Find the most humid places at your house and put a dehumidifier to make sure it is below 45 percent of humidity. Don’t forget to service or clean your dehumidifier regularly especially its condensation coils.
  • Always open doors and windows for a certain period of time to improve air circulation together with the fan switched on.

Control Fungus (Mold) with Air-conditioning – through regular aircond service

There are few steps you may follow to control fungus grows. Firstly, clean the indoor filter by yourself at least once a month, as this guideline is written on the user manual. Secondly, if you are suspecting your aircond has mold that growing, mostly probably that you need a thoroughly chemical cleaning over your air-conditioner and all the pipes. Lastly, regular service or maintenance is the key of controlling mold.

Sufficient airflow is important when it comes to hot and humid season especially for patients that allergic to pollen and fungi. The air circulation that provides by air-conditioner can somehow act as an dehumidifiers which is good to limit the growth of bugs and fungi. Besides that, cockroach prefers places that are humid, wet and bad ventilation. Therefore, a good ventilation and dry places would decrease the number of cockroach effectively.

Importance of cleaning air-cond periodically

Using aircond at office or house in Kuala Lumpur is a must due to the population is much higher, and the temperature is higher as well. Employees’ performance will go down if they are working in an uncomfortable & hot environment. Mostly importantly, if everyone is sweating, it is not going to be smelled good in an indoor area.

Your productivity would be great if a comfortable working environment is provided. As Kuala Lumpur is a center hub for businesses and transportation, this is why lots of people would prefer to have working spaces located here. Other than make it as working environment, it is good to have a house located here as most of working people have gone back to other location after work and left some part of KL much more quiet and comfortable for a rest after busy day. Hence, how important it is for an aircond to be functional.