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Why you would need Aircond Service for your air-conditioner? To answer the question we need to know how exactly the air-conditioner functions. Air-conditioner as know as AC is an equipment that we need in our daily life especially country without 4 seasons weather and as hot as like Malaysia. AC is initially designed to cool down our room temperature so that we feel comfortable by spending our time in a room. Thanks to the innovation of the manufacturers of air-conditioner, the functions of what an AC does is now much more comprehensive. Nowadays, AC is able to provide a cooling effect, reduce mites, odours, smoke particles, anti-dust, stabilizers, automated temperature adjustment system, as well as saving more electricity (about 60%). As all these functions required regular maintenance to ensure its functionality and durability, therefore aircond service comes into the place.

With a regular aircond service, the performance of your aircond can be maintained as dust, bacteria, mould and other organisms will be removed. There are 7 benefits of getting aircond service done regularly which you can refer to the following.

  1. Improve indoor air quality
    1. Regular cleaning and service can always keep your aircond filtering function perfect which produce the best air quality for you.
  2. Get healthy breathe
    1. As mould, dust and other organisms are removed, the unpleasant odour will be removed thus enjoy better breathe.
  3. Saving electricity
    1. A cleaner air-conditioner requires less electricity to boost its performance, therefore save more electricity from your bill.
  4. Reduce costly repair and parts replacement
    1. As servicing your AC would reduce your parts from overheating, hence reduce your repair bill.
  5. Longer system lifespan
    1. Since there is less machine faulty, therefore longer AC lifespan.
  6. Protect our environment
    1. As regular service comes with AC diagnosis, which gas (refrigerant¬†) leaking issue can be prevented so there won’t be and HFC’s releases to harm our environment.
  7. Enjoy longer cool temperature

When Should I Service My Air-cond

You should service your air-cond when it is leaking, less cooling, not cold or at least clean up the filter by once a week in regular basis.

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