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Air Conditioning Installation Service In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Aircon installation as known as air conditioning installation service is needed when you have purchased a new aircond or moving it between different location. Let us guide you through the cost of a standard aircon installation service in Malaysia, as well as the item and service details involved so that you can make a smarter decision in choosing the right vendor.

Air conditioning installation service usually involves necessary item such as

  1. Air Conditioner
  2. Copper Piping
  3. Cable (with or without casing)
  4. Drainage Pipe (so called PVC)
  5. Bracket
  6. Labour
  7. Transportation

Given that the location for this aircon installation has all the spaces and piping structure needed. Usually for new project such as condominium and high rise building, the developer will either complete the installation for you, or they will be getting the structure ready for installation. With such a circumstances, the aircond installation service will merely cost about RM 250 – RM 400 for normal residential use. The mentioned cost has already inclusive a standard 8 to 10 feet of copper piping and cable. Besides, items such as PVC, bracket, labour and transportation fees will be inclusive as well.

However, if you are hiring interior design to build your house from the scratch, you need to see if the costing of aircond installation is included. If it is, the structure of your house will have the space ready for air conditioning installation. If you only consult for electrical wiring service and air conditioning installation service later, it might easily cost you more than RM 500.

As for our company, we provide the installation service with a reasonable price. You may always welcome to request for a quotation by providing us the following information if possible, or else a visitation fee will be levied for a site measurement.

  1. Floor Plan (if possible)
  2. Air Conditioner Horse Power
  3. Number of Unit to be Installed
  4. High Rise or Landed Unit

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